National Paddleball
Four Wall 


Approved Paddles:

Earl Pratt: Pratt Classic, Pratt Air
Contact at:

Donny Kirkconnell: PKP, PKB
Contact at: HillBilly Paddle
Contact at:

The Paddle Company: Bat TI Pro, A2= Dominance, Ice Man Graphic, Ice Man
Kevlar Signature, Ice Man Graphic LE Signature, Anthony Fiorino Signature, The
Sting, Falcon, Pro Graphite, Viper
Contact at: out of business

Professional Paddle Company: Spike, Elite, Iceman
Contact at:

Marcraft: PT30, PT60, IT60, Pitcher, National 300
Contact: none

A-1 Paddleball: A-1-Kevlar, A-1 3K Carbon, A-1-C Carbon-Tec, A-1-F Fibre-Tec
(Must have strap attached)
Contact at:

Laser: Terminator, Classic, Turbo, Hornet
Contact at:

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