Las Vegas Pro Paddleball Tournament
by Lorri Brigham

We (Lorri Brigham, Mike Czabala, Andy Mitchell and Mike Wisniewski) were the invited guests of the "Legends of Racquetball / Pro Racquetball Tournament Series" for a paddleball division in the tournament that was held the weekend of May 16th - 18th in Las Vegas.

This event had 10 doubles teams and 13 singles entrants. The majority of players were from San Diego, with Mike Czabala (sorry mike we will always think of you as being from Michigan), Andy Mitchell and Mike Wisniewski representing the Midwest.

The event was very well received by both the paddleball and racquetball players at the tournament. there were some history making moments with the team of Marty Hogan and Steve Keely playing. along with the legendary Charlie Brumfield.

All the rounds of the singles were exciting. Mike Czabala beat Marty Hogan 21-1 and 21-9 in the quarter finals. Czabala was at the top of his game and played a fantastic match. Andy Mitchell lost to Aaron Embry in an exciting match also in the quarters. That put Mike Czabala and Mike Wisniewski (long-time doubles partners) against each other in the semi-finals. Wisniewski won, but it was a very intense game with incredible shots and dives.

The singles event was won by Mike Wisniewski (MI) with Aaron Embry (CA) taking second. it was a great match with Aaron leading most of the first game. Toward the end Mike Wisniewski really started to focus in and gained a steady lead. Unfortunately at about this same time Aaron pulled a hamstring and it began to affect his game. Mike won 21-20 and Aaron forfeited the second game due to the injury.

The doubles event was won by Aaron Embry and Steve Trent. They competed against Mike Wisniewski and Mike Czabala. They took it in two with scores of 21-19 and 21-5 . Again a great match with long volleys and great killshots. A showcase of talent.

The California "Paddle Nation" has a remarkable array of talent. I am looking forward to future tournaments where players from the Midwest and California (and everywhere inbetween) can play. This level of competition can only improve the great sport of paddleball.

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